Two-Way Radio Adaptive Radios Communications Technologies, Inc.


Adaptive Radios Communications, Technologies Inc. is our new company organized to take over the business of Rapid Radio Communications, Inc. We believe that our concept of speed-rapid response/rapid results are no longer applicable to the changing world business. We must find a new solutions to the new challenges ahead of us in order to maintain our competitiveness in the field of communications.

In order to win the new battles, we have to adapt, thus Adaptive Radios Communications Technologies Inc., is the appropriate solution. We have to “adapt” in order to win.


We adhere to high standards of ethical practice and we do not deal with competitors to manipulate biddings or prices.

Our combine Motorola selling experience of over 48 years and ethical practice has guided us well to steer our companies to succeed in the business.


With our new company, we commit to give you better and honest service. We continue to improve our skills, quality, honesty and integrity of our staff. We believe in long term business relationships. We will continue to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of our clients.

Adaptive Radios Communications Technologies Inc. will introduce new products and services that will complement our existing two way radio business.


We hope that you will continue to trust us and maintain our long term business relationship that we have nurtured over the years.



  • Fabrication of Antenna Mast, Variloop Antenna Element

  • Removal / Reinstallation of Communication Equipment / Antenna Mast

  • Liaison Work for Securing New NTC Permits and Licenses / Radio Operator's Licenses

  • Renewal of Expired Licensess

  • Service and Repair of Communication Equipment

  • Rentals



  • Two-Way Radios

  • VHF Radios

  • UHF Radios

  • Marine Radios

  • FRS Radios

  • Radios Parts and Accessories

  • Repeater System

  • Site Rentals

  • Motorola

  • Solar Cells and Chargers

  • Remote Control Consoles

  • Scrambles

  • Earmics

  • Rechargable Batteries

  • Radio Charger






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Shop and Logistics Office
B5 L43 C. W. Tecson Street

BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City

Metro Manila 1740, Philippines

Corporate Office

Unit 0807, Parkway Corporate Center

Corporate Avenue cor. Parkway Place

Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 83725311
+63 (2) 84252704
+63 (2) 84252702

Mobile Number:
+63 (918) 9447853

Email Address:


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